Celebrating 30 years of aerial dance …

Select the “Play” button to begin – each piece stops upon completion requiring you to start the next one.
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Cycropia welcomes Spring with four original pieces, using our company’s signature custom apparatus, lyra, and aerial silk.

Help Support Cycropia

Like most arts organizations, Cycropia has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic – since March 2020 we have lost most income from both our scheduled performances and classes: 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Cycropia (PayPal, Venmo, personal check) so that we can continue to provide entertainment and education to the greater Madison community for years to come. 

Cycropia is grateful to our supporters who’ve made this work possible:

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Viewing Options

  1. To begin the performance:
    • Select the “Play” button to start the first entry.

  2. Upon completion, each piece will stop and the next will load:
    • Select the “Play” button to continue.

  3. To play in “full-screen”  mode (recommended):
    • Select the “four arrow” button (located in the player’s lower right corner).

  4. To play a specific piece:
    • Select an entry from the pull-down menu (located in the player’s top-left corner).
    • Select the “Play” button.

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