Aaron Koz December 2019 Workshops

Photo by RJ Muna

December 13-15, Cycropia will host a series of workshops with guest aerialist Aaron Koz.



Workshop Descriptions

Friday December 13

7:00-8:30 PM

See Your C-Shape  (multi-apparatus: Straps/rope/sling)

Want to improve your waist roll ups/downs OR your back balance OR your static switches on straps? 

Students will move through a series of mobility exercises, proprioceptive and active flexibility drills that isolate and strengthen potential weak points in your waist roll technique depending on where their weaknesses lie. Students will start on the floor and then move on to a variety of apparatuses.

Prerequisite: Ability to invert on your own.


Saturday December 14

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Press Handstand (Quest for the Press)

Want a handstand press (straddle, pike, side, or split)?

This workshop will cover the theory and practice needed to progress over time and gain a press handstand. Participants will be given tools needed to approach their challenge to press handstands on their own, whether the limitation is compression, flexibility, or strength. No handstand needed as balancing and pressing are two separate skill sets. 

No matter your skill level participants will be given the tools and programming to overcome barriers to their unlocking their press handstand.

Prerequisite: Full body weight bearing on hands, no wrist/elbow/shoulder/spinal injuries. Endurance of 1 minute in plank or handstand.


1:00-2:30 PM

(Aerial) Flips n Sh*t

This workshop will cover a variety of fun, dynamic, and adrenaline producing skills on a variety of apparatus (straps, rope, trapeze….) partially dependent on participant interest.

A grab bag of party tricks with scaled and spotted progressions for catch and release movements, beats, and more. Get ready to eat mat, make gains, and be safely afraid.

Prerequisite: Students must be able to invert in the air and perform a controlled negative pull-up – straight arm inversion highly recommended.


SundayDecember 15

9:00 – 10:30 AM

Beats, Spinning, and Flares on Straps

This workshop will cover a series of fundamental swinging and spinning pathways that can be used on nearly any apparatus to help with 2 and 1-arm inversions to various positions as well as building aesthetic flow while spinning with flares.

Prerequisite: Comfort in long-arm hang.



Instructor Bios:

Aaron Koz  is a traveling movement and circus coach and author of The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide. He completed his undergrad in neuroscience, and now offers the first introductory aerial straps teacher training.

Moving from Washington, D.C. to NYC, he started at Circus Warehouse’s intensive program, and since has studied under elite coaches in SF, Montreal, and Mexico. He draws from his background in neuroscience to augment his work as a coach and personal trainer and collaborates heavily with physical therapists to help augment and structure his teaching offerings. He has performed and taught internationally in places like Ireland (Irish Aerial Dance Festival), Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Aaron worked as Physical Therapy Technician for ACRO Physical Therapy with Angie Prescott, DPT, CSCS (consultant for The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide), and teaches workshops, retreats, and teaching residencies.

Aaron has also completed Alex Allan’s Dynamic Rope Teacher Training and a Rocket Yoga TT.


Workshop Location

5048 Tradewinds Parkway, Madison, WI 53718 (select for map)


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