Mandy Hackman Aerial Workshops

February 2-3, Cycropia will host a series of workshops with guest aerialist Mandy Hackman.


Workshop Descriptions

Saturday Feb 2nd

2:00-4:00 PM

Lyra Beyond the Splits

Bust open your assumptions about what lyra can be in this intermediate-advanced workshop that explores different ways of moving in and around the hoop, from dynamic rotations to slides to drops to unexpected balance possibilities and strength moves. Get beyond showing off your splits to find something a little bold, and add a little edge to your lyra routine.

Prerequisite: This workshop requires an “intermediate” level of lyra experience.

4:00-6:00 PM

Ground It: Skills for Moving Without an Apparatus

If you are an all-time superhero in the air but a lost baby bird on the floor, this workshop is for you. We will take those amazing muscles and skills you’ve developed in the air and, using the floor as our apparatus, unlock the mysteries of dancing with gravity rather than against it. Taking off from the principles of rhythm, push/pull, and moving with awareness of all our limbs, we will explore the floor as a friend and learn a piece of choreography infused with a floor-movement tool kit you can take confidently out into your world.

Prerequisite: This workshop has no prerequisites.


Sunday Feb 3rd

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Fabric for Mad Scientists

In this class we will take our fabric skills on an adventure, morphing known vocabulary into new and unique skills. We will start by learning a piece of fabric choreography, and then take it apart and inspect each element for what it could be: flipping, shifting, inventing, and letting things get a little off the beaten path until each of us has something entirely our own. Drawing from dance and aerial composition techniques as well as fabric and momentum theory, we will treat our shared fabric sequence not as a complete thought, but as a starting point and a scaffolding for our own mad inventions.

Prerequisite: This workshop requires an “intermediate” level of fabric/silk experience.



Instructor Bio:

Mandy Hackman is an aerialist, contemporary dancer, and collaborative performance artist. She is endlessly fascinated by anything that can be climbed, spun, rolled over or danced in.

Mandy has performed and taught aerial arts, contemporary dance, and composition nationally and internationally, from Denver to Atlanta to New York to the Kennedy Center in D.C to Gujarat, India. She is the resident Director of Circus for Double Blind Productions, founder/ Director of nationally touring acrobatic dance group Tree Project, and a founding member of ShapeShifter Collective.






Workshop Location

2001 Taft Street, Madison, WI 53713 (click here for map)


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    • Ground It: $45
    • Fabric Choreography for Mad Scientists: $60
  • General Public and non-enrolled Cycropia Flyers)
    • Lyra Beyond the Splits: $65
    • Ground It: $50
    • Fabric Choreography for Mad Scientists: $65



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