February 24: Allison Ottjepka Cyr Wheel Workshops

Cyr Wheel Artist Allison Ottjepka
Cycropia welcomes Cyr Wheel Artist Allison Ottjepka, for two introductory workshops on February 24.

The two-hour workshops cost $60 and are open to the general public.

Allison is a high level Cyr Wheel artist who has a unique style with the wheel drawing inspiration from skatepark culture, breakdancing, hip hop, and other flow based movement arts.

Allison’s style is based on being fluid with the wheel and finding skills within natural pathways of movement – her teaching strategy is to give students the tools to create beyond their skill levels and find their unique flow with the wheel.

Although the morning 10:00am (CST) February 24 workshop has sold out, seats are still available for the 12:30pm (CST) workshop.

Both workshops will be held at Cycropia’s training and performance space (view directions) and are in Central time.


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