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Upcoming 2014 Cycropia Workshop:

12 Week Adult Introductory Workshop

Currently all seats for the 2014 Introductory Workshop have been filled: For those interested in being placed upon a waiting-list, please contact Marcia Miquelon at wildrumpuscircus@gmail.com.


Cycropia Aerial Dance will offer a 12-week, introductory level, low-flying trapeze workshop on Sundays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., beginning Sept. 21 and running through Dec. 14, 2014.


The cost is $250. Our classes are held at the State St. Center, 122 State St. in downtown Madison.


To register, please print this form and mail it to Marcia Miquelon, our introductory class coordinator, along with a $75 deposit check payable to Cycropia Aerial Dance.

The State Street Center is located in the first block of State Street, a few doors down from Michelangelo’s coffee. Take stairs or elevator to the third floor, the studio is directly above the main entrance.


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Other Aerial Dance Workshops

Cycropia member Marcia Miquelon teaches aerial dance for kids and adults through Mazomanie Movement Arts Center, in Mazomanie and at the Goodman Center in Madison. For more information contact Marcia at wildrumpuscircus@gmail.com.

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Teaching Philosophy

The discovery process is key to our style of teaching aerial dance. Along with structured trapeze technique exercises, students are encouraged to creatively explore movement at their own pace. Safety and awareness of the body, the dance space, other dancers and your partner—the trapeze—are integral to the class. Warm-up exercises and our approach are inspired both by modern dance and releasing technique.

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Workshop FAQ

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable, warm dance or exercise clothing that allows freedom of movement. Long sleeves and long pants or leggings are recommended, since bare skin rubbing on the trapeze or ropes can cause discomfort. You’ll most likely be going upside down, so wear a shirt that won’t flip up in your face. Not recommended are: Jeans, belts, clothes with buckles, zippers or other protrusions, dangly earrings or other dangly jewelry. You may wish to have ballet shoes or other soft-soled shoes on hand, although usually we work barefoot.

What can I expect?

Hard work, fun, an exhilarating sense of wonder, brief moments of weightlessness, the sensation of floating, spinning and flying through the air. You will learn basic aerial dance movement technique—sweeps, circles, tracking and tapping and hangs, all in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll also be given ample opportunities for exploration; finding your own dance with your new partner, the single-point trapeze. Some adults who are new to trapeze may experience some dizziness initially, associated with going upside down and spinning. Kids usually don’t get dizzy, and some adults don’t ever get dizzy either. You will grow accustomed to these new sensations within a few weeks. We recommend not showing up to class on an empty stomach, and taking a break from going upside down and spinning as soon as you begin to feel dizzy. You’ll build up tolerance over time.

What can I start doing now to prepare?

Find a chin-up bar at your local playground or gym, and hang off it with your hands. This will help you to begin to build hand strength and endurance (and is a great stretch, besides!). Full-body exercise such as Yoga and Pilates, which emphasize breath, flexibility and core strength, such as provide good all-around conditioning for trapeze.


Please feel free to submit any questions you still have about our workshops to info@cycropia.org.

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