Brett Copes Rigging Workshop

Cycropia Attends In-Depth Rigging Workshop

Saturday, February 21st, several Cycropians traveled to Minneapolis, MN to participate in an immersive  6-hour rigging workshop taught by Brett Copes. Mr. Copes is a nationally-recognized acrobatic and stunt rigger […]

Jess Clark - Fireball 2017

See You at the Fireball!

Saturday, January 31, several Cycropians will perform at Madison Wisconsin’s 7th annual Fireball Masquerade. Follow this link for further information. See you there!

Contraption Contract

Union Theater: Signed & Sealed

January 18: This past weekend Cycropia signed the paperwork … For it’s next Spring Show, ‘Contraption’, to be held at the newly renovated Wisconsin Union Theater. More info soon!